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Meet Your Estheticians

Melissa Robles & Rachel Hinson

Melissa Robles

I became an Licensed Aesthetician and Acne Specialist as a result of dealing with my own acne. I spent a decade trying to control my breakouts before I sought out professional help. I became a client at Acne Specialists of Oakland in 2012, and I was so happy with my results that I changed careers and started working for Julie at ASO. I relocated to Nashville in 2018, and Julie and I made it our mission to bring our services here. My goal is to educate my clients and offer a comprehensive approach to clearing your skin. At your appointments we will go through the cause of acne, common lifestyle triggers, comedogenic ingredients and other factors that may be triggering acne. We will also get you on a custom homecare treatment plan that changes as your skin begins to respond. I want my clients to feel empowered, educated, and in control of their skin. I’m here to support you and guide you through this journey to clear skin, and I'm looking forward to working with you! Melissa


Rachel Hinson

Hi I’m Rachel Hinson. I grew up in Nashville, TN. I developed acne in college and suffered with it for over 10 years. During that time I tried everything I could get my hands on to clear it, but nothing helped. I finally decided to go to aesthetics school to try and clear my own skin- which didn’t work! I was very discouraged in school and almost dropped out when my skin got worse than it’s ever been. I thought my dream of being an aesthetician was hopeless and that my skin was doomed to be broken out forever.

Finally I discovered Face Reality Acne Clinic's long-distance program. I gave their program a desperate try, and within months my skin was clear! Coincidentally, this is the same clinic where both Melissa and Julie started their careers back in California. Once I graduated from aesthetics school I immediately became a Certified Acne Specialist through Face Reality. I also trained for a day at SkinSalvation, another successful acne clinic owned by a specialist Melissa and Julie know. My dream has always been to work as an acne specialist, so when I stumbled across the ASN website I reached out to Melissa immediately. I couldn’t believe it! Nashville has always had a great need for acne specialists, and I’m thrilled to be a part of Julie and Melissa’s team to spread the gift of clear skin.


Our Story

Melissa and I met in 2012 when she became a client of mine at Acne Specialists of Oakland. We immediately hit it off. She cleared very quickly which inspired her to leave her current profession and go back to school to become an esthetician and ultimately the manager at Acne Specialists of Nashville. She mentioned to me the other day that I wasn't judgmental about her acne or what she was doing to it before seeing me and that made me really happy to know that I made her comfortable. She also mentioned that I wasn't pushy with my protocol or products but was more of an educator. I hope together we can make you feel that same way at Acne Specialists of Nashville.

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