Acne Skincare in Nashville that actually works. Get clear in 3 months.

There is no cure for acne but we can get it under control  with our guidance, acne treatments, and acne products.

About Us


Getting started with an initial consultation

Examining the root cause of your acne

Products, lifestyle, diet, supplements and medical conditions affect your skin and may cause acne. Before your initial consultation, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire designed to help us identify your acne triggers. 

During your consultation, our Acne Specialists consult you on what could be the cause of your acne. Then, we’ll recommend some easy lifestyle changes and a personalized skincare regimen to guide you to clear skin. 


Acne-safe products selected for you

Did you know that your current skincare, makeup and haircare products can be the source of your acne? Even products advertised for acne can be comedogenic if not properly tested! Comedogenic products solidify within your pores and can lead to blackheads, whiteheads and even cysts. People who have acne prone skin must use acne safe products.

No more guessing at the drug store or pouring over Sephora reviews! Acne Specialists of Nashville carries the highest quality skincare,  developed especially for acne prone skin, and we'll personalize your skin care routine for you. We adjust your regimen as necessary to keep acne at bay and aid in the healing process. Our products also help with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots from old breakouts). We treat both acne and hyperpigmentation at the same time. 

For the clearest skin possible, we will need your compliance on your routine.

Acne Facials

During an Acne Facial, we gently treat your skin with highly concentrated products and extract acne-causing comedones. Your facial will always be customized for the condition of your skin that day. This process is essential to quickly clear your skin and prevent future breakouts. We recommend that new clients visit us for in-person treatments 1-3 times per month, depending on the skin’s needs.

After an acne treatment, your skin will be pink and blotchy from extractions and the chemical peel. Your skin may also flake for a few days as new skin comes to the surface. We do not recommend exercising or doing hot yoga for at least 12 hours post-treatment.

Cancellations within 24 hours incur a 50% service fee.


Meet your Clear Skin Guides

We are former acne sufferers who discovered treatments that work. We've turned our old pains into passions for helping people who are struggling with this debilitating condition.

We evaluate the four areas that could be the source of your recurring breakouts: products, lifestyle, diet, and medical conditions.

Then, we give you a treatment plan and product routine that’s personalized for you. During the treatment process, we monitor your skin’s progress and adjust the plan as necessary. Have you ever had a skincare routine that was handcrafted especially for you?


About the Founder

Hi, I am Julie Pruitt and I started Acne Specialists of Oakland in 2012. I suffered with horrible acne from 13 to 30. I became an esthetician in 2006 so I could help myself and others from this debilitating disease. Luckily, I met Dr. Fulton who wrote the book on acne and learned from him how to effectively perform acne treatments and provide effective acne products. After starting his program, I had my acne under control in 3 months. It was the first time in 17 years that I did not have one pimple on my face and it felt amazing. It brings me so much joy to help others achieve clear skin. Melissa was a client of mine and after she graduated esthetician school she treated clients at our Oakland location. She was with me for years until her husband's job brought her to Nashville where we teamed up to open Acne Specialists of Nashville.